Thursday, 28 May 2009

What Next?

I have to admit that only Nick Clegg appears to have grasped the public anger about the misuse of public funds. David Cameron, who is a consummate politician, is beginning to lose the plot. He is feeding minnows to the cause but he is still protecting them. They should lose their seats now and how does it serve the cause for these discredited politicians to remain in their seats until the next election?
They should go now!

That is what we all want.

If they are offering to disappear at the next election then they are guilty of misconduct and that should preclude legal proceedings. I tell you what if this country is ever going to reclaim any moral ground in the world then we must clear out the whole lot and begin again.

And of course where is 'Mugabe' Brown in all of this? Well what do we expect? He is silent because he knows that most of his Cabinet have gorged themselves at public expense. When I first discovered that this appalling man had put his SKY TV subscription on his expenses I could not believe it.

Did he never stop to think how the public would perceive that calumny? It is ridiculous that these people think that they can claim for basics that most of us must pay for. Of course he didn't because he always believed that he was born to the manor. He believed that he had to be the Prime Minister of this country BUT only he believed that. He is a joke! He single handedly has brought this country to its knees and yet he continues to hang on to the very last minute because he knows that his disastrous government is despised throughout the country.

Where does this leave us in the eyes of the world? I hate to think because frankly I suspect that we have become a laughing stock. This is the home of democracy. We have always lectured the rest of the world and now we have been invaded by hordes of people who have no cultural or behavioural link to the British people.

In addition all of our MPs (except one) have been been seen to be grasping, corrupt and greedy. It continues day in and day out because at long last the Political Class has been outed as being corrupt, venal and incorrigible. The world will wonder what the hell is going on because it appears that we are being ruled by people who frankly rival the Mafia!

I personally believe that the Mafia actually rule the European Union but that is an argument for another day. Today we should be clearing out these 'troughers' now and not wait for some vague date in the future.

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