Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Gurkhas

I cannot believe that Gordon Brown, who opposed the rehabilitation of the Gurkhas into this country is now claiming credit for the bill which allows them entrance.

The Gurkhas are revered for their bravery and their loyalty to us the British. This revelation should never have been in question but the Gurkhas are loyal to us the British. That is the problem. They do not fit the immigration criteria that only those people who have no cultural, religious or financial background will be allowed to settle here. If you are a white Zimbabwean then you have to explain yourself. If you are an Afghan plane hijacker then whoopee you are exactly what we want.

It is ridiculous and exactly what the BNP (you remember those racists bastards) want to combat. Don't get me wrong there are some aspects of the BNP which do not fit neatly with my philosophy but most of the people are not what the mainstream media portray.

If you need an example then log onto the BNP website and look at the comments to any of their articles. Then log onto the comments on the,for example, Guido Fawkes website and view the comments there. Don't get me wrong because in my opinion Guido is the doyen of bloggers but he does have some prats on the comments column.

The people who respond to the BNP blogsite are frankly of different quality. They have an aim, a goal and a responsibility and they are not what the mainstream media which includes programmes like the 'Matthew Wright Show' cannot reflect. I view his show every morning but he is wrong to align himself with the mainstream media. He is a journalist and I must say (a pretty dodgy one) but his show is iconic.

Remember Gordon Brown had actually banned the Gurkhas from settling here. He has only recognised the rights of the Gurkhas because Joanna Lumley forced him to. He is a coward and a bully and what Ms Lumley did then we can all do. Do not let him last another year without an election.

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