Sunday, 17 May 2009


Since the beginning of this year when I began to count up the votes in the Local By Elections in an effort to discover the reality of who was voting for whom and calculating the percentages in the Victor Meldrew's Brother Poll; UKIP (with one exception) has polled miserably. At the moment since January they have barely scraped over 3% of the vote.

In the same time the BNP have polled quite well often receiving well over 20% of the vote and in total are now on the 16% figure. Across the board the mainstream media are trying to destroy the credibility of the BNP. This constant barrage will I am sure have an effect on those who regard themselves as being moderate. There is something about the character of the British when it comes to confrontation. We like to be 'nice', that is why this bullying government has found it so easy to introduce their anti-social legislation and political correctness.

There are elements of the BNP who are not 'nice'. They want to air the thorny subject of mass immigration. They do not want the character of the population to be changed to accommodate newcomers. The do not want rule from Europe and they don't want any attempts at Islamification of this country.

Sometimes to combat something nasty you have to be a bit nasty yourself. UKIP is the acceptable face of the Political Class. They know that UKIP will never be a threat to the Westminster Three so they are happy to 'suggest' that your protest vote go to Mr Farage (he is the only recognisable member of UKIP). However, if you REALLY want to upset the establishment then be brave! You have seen what they can do when left unopposed - oppose them!


Anonymous said...

Just like last time when UKIP disappeared into the closet not to re-emerge for another four years.

Who knows what will happen this time. Parliament itself is severely compromised and I cannot see how it can continue to function.

Meanwhile, the two main parties seem to be in complete denial, thinking that if they hang on long enough the problem will simply go away.

The rest of us sit with our bags of popcorn and watch history being made.


bryboy said...

Yes we now have 20 members of The Cabinet (now that I have added Ruth Kelly)personally appointed by Gordon Brown who have 'played the system'. You are right Christine because Parliament is not functioning. Nobody is currently running the country.
I believe that this Speaker will try and survive and by doing so he could bring the whole rotten lot down with him.
I do hope that history will be made!