Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mental Health

Mental Health under this NoLab government has become a joke. I have blogged this many times before but we are sick of apologies. Apologies do not bring back our loved ones, apologies cannot replace competence, apologies will never replace good government.

All we hear today are apologies but nobody appears to have the ability to actually change the culture that the NoLab government have instilled. They spend fortunes on Europe, they spend fortunes on wars that do not concern us, they spend fortunes on propping up evil dictatorships in Africa but we cannot find the money in our own country to protect our own mentally ill.

We used to have lunatic asylums but today we release the mentally ill onto our streets and predictably people are being murdered. It is a joke and a very unfunny joke. We must combat the tendency to save money by releasing the mentally ill onto our streets. It really has to cease.

If we can find the money for the New Labour Project then we can find the money for the services that are essential to the safety of our citizens. Money is always found for the comfort, benefit and support of our MPs but where the public are concerned there is never any money available. It is a joke!

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