Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gordon Brown

He faced the world's press at 5.30pm today and it was a sad affair. Here he was the leader of the 'mother of democracy' having to explain to foreign journalists why under his leadership the British parliament had invented a system which defrauded the public purse on his watch.

He tried to appear statesmanlike but frankly he is a busted flush. A sorry man refusing us a vote on the European Union and more importantly refusing us a General Election. He knows that he was never elected. It was the charisma of Tony Blair that won NoLab the last election even if it was a misplaced vote.

He surrounded himself with thieves and vagabonds, bully boys and cheats because make no bones about Gordon Brown he knows all the dark arts of politics and probably invented some of them. The Scottish Mafia is no myth. It was Gordon Brown who placed the Speaker into the chair even though by convention it was the turn of the opposition to provide The Speaker.

Gordon Brown has been the head of a government which has brought our democracy into disrepute. Parliament has been circumnavigated because he has terrified his backbenchers into submission. Debate has been stifled and his support of people like Damien McBride clearly involves him in the dark arts of politics. It is too late for Gordon Brown or his Speaker to apologise, explain or defend themselevs because they are irrevocably linked together.

Gordon Brown has not led this country. He has never been a PM. He is only interested in some kind of idealistic social engineering. This country has an economy in freefall because he and his Chancellor have wrecked it for the sake of the New Labour Project.

Guido Fawkes,who has suddenly become as important as the mainstream media,describes him as a 'Jonah' but it goes further than that. Gordon Brown is a bad man!
He is intrinsically linked with political sleaze. We all know that he is clinging on to the office of PM even though we know that he is a wrong 'un. Gordon Brown has been found out. His courtiers are all on the take. His Speaker has been a reflection of himself because he personally placed him into the Chair.

It is clear to anyone with an iota of common sense that the main problem with our parliament has been a lack of democracy. Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown dispensed with democracy because many of the MPs who have gorged themselves on expenses have cowardly allowed themselves to be subverted! They should all be ashamed of themselves and then because of their profligacy they can now look forward to the honest and reputable challenge from the BNP. It will be a rough ride guys and girls. You are about to be challenged by people with integrity!!

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