Friday, 22 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

We are closing in on 04 June the date of the European elections and yesterday a local by election occurred in a ward of Salford. Once again the prediction of this blog which ignores the fantasy polls and concentrates on fact and the way people are actually voting has come up trumps.

The NoLab vote continues to stand fast in their core areas. It does not seem to matter how poorly they perform, how corrupt they are because if your family depends on your salary/benefit/immigration status then you will vote for them. Their vote is standing up. Contrast that with the Tory vote in these inner city areas because they cannot break through.

Now what could be the real fight on the fourth of June could be between the darlings of the establishment UKIP and the hate party the BNP. Well I hate to tell the mainstream media but once again the BNP polled 17% of the vote. Well ahead of the Tories and double the vote of both the Greens and UKIP combined.

If you really want to punish the Westminster three then a vote for UKIP and the Greens is wasted. If you are voting for change then there is only one vote. If you don't believe me then visit the BNP website and look at the comments. They are not the ridiculous, spurious, obscene comments that one sees on the populist blogs. In this day and age it takes courage to support an anti establishment party.

I will update the figures over the weekend but I can tell you that it is the Tories who are losing ground! Can you believe that? Gordon Brown must know that there are so many people depending on him for a living that he may yet win through.

Perhaps if he was a man of courage he would chance a General Election. Naw he won't and we all know why!

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