Friday, 29 May 2009

The Greatest Political Scandal Ever?

There comes a time when the scale of the fraud being enacted out at Westminster takes your breath away. I have already uncovered the scandal of the staff allowance and now comes the huge pay-off rip off! The MPs who have so brazenly robbed the public that they are being forced to stand down at the next election have just qualified themselves for a huge final bonus pay off.

The Daily Express this morning revealed that they are likely to receive a final year's salary (unless of course Gordon succumbs to the temptation to hold an election - yeah I know - and by the by where is the man of 'courage') of £64,766, a pension contribution of £20,077, expenses of on average £144,176, a resettlement grant of £64,766 and a winding up allowance of £40,799!

Who on earth dreams these sums up? So Julie Kirkbride and her husband Andrew MacKay who have been so greedy that they are both being forced to stand down will receive (if the figures quoted by the Express are correct) a total of £669,168 as a final pay-off! It beggars belief and in the oft quoted words of my brother 'I don't believe it'!! It simply cannot be allowed to happen. They must go now with nothing. They have had all that they should get.

I believe that both Brown and Cameron realise that the public have rumbled that they presided over this dungheap and they are scared witless to face the public. The reason being that at this moment we are sitting on a scandal of a magnitude that no western government has ever faced or can contemplate.

The problem is that once the trapdoor had been placed into position we could have weeks and weeks of by-elections. There is only one recourse left and that is to hold a General Election. We must take this opportunity to rid ourselves of the Punch and Judy Show. I just wish that the Queen would intervene.

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