Tuesday, 26 May 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

It continues on and on because it appears that every layer that is peeled away reveals another layer of sleaze underneath. The disgraced MP Mike McNulty we now learn is married to the Ofstead chief Christine Gilbert and she earns copious amounts of bonuses even though she was involved in the Baby 'P'case. Sometimes you feel like giving up because this NoLab government have subverted democracy so badly that it doesn't exist anymore.

There is so much sleaze. We are mired in it. Every which way that we turn we learn of more and more horrendous abuse of the political system. As usual Gordon Brown has done his disappearing act and David Cameron appears to be in a state of panic. He is promising all kinds of changes that frankly I don't believe. We might even get a referendum on Europe. Yeah right!

Did you see the BNP political address tonight? That is recognition because I believe it is the first time that they have been allowed to address the nation. I believe that if they got rid of Nick Griffin then they would be viable. I do however concede that it takes a VERY tough individual to take on the political establishment and the controlled media. Perhaps he deserves his place in the sun.

I am still trawling through the expense claims of the MPs but it is a long job. There are some amazing revelations which I hope to reveal tomorrow evening and I mean amazing!! Not everything is as it seems!

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