Friday, 22 May 2009

Now We Know Then!

I have just listened to a BBC Radio 4 interview with Conservative MP Nadine Dorries who has explained why MPs have been 'troughing' on expenses. According to Nadine this 'allowance' was given to the MPs to compensate for not receiving a pay rise commensurate with their position in the country.

She stated that the Fees Office called everyone in and told them that this 'allowance' was theirs and that they should take it. So it was not an 'expense' in the normal way and they could spend it on whatever they wanted! She said that the mainstream media all knew what was happening and the Daily Telegraph is now carrying out a McCarthy style witchhunt. There are fears that some MPs might commit suicide!

The problem is that when public money is going to be spent then it is normal to inform the public. They have been so duplicitous by hiding their little secret that now it is out in the open they appear to be deeply treacherous. Ms Dorries did not offer an explanation for those who had 'flipped' houses, neglected to pay Capital Gains Tax of just blatantly lied about their main residence.


bewick said...

Well now. I HAVE heard the same story being told by MANY MPs first elected in 1997,2001, and 2005.

IF true (and I'm sure it is) then the public servants in the Fees Office have broken their Civil Service terms and conditions of service and their contract with the taxpayer - their ACTUAL employer.
They MUST therefore be prosecuted. The "Nuremburg defence" will not do although I'd be surprised if Speaker Martin or the Government did NOT exert pressure. SOMEONE will finally tell.
I speak as someone who RESISTED pressure and ultimately paid the price via vindictive LABOUR politicians whom I had frustrated. Those politicians who I once regarded as almost friends amazingly became quiet and remote. the Pastor Martin Niemöller syndrome! Interestingly Mr Nick Brown was one of those Councillors!

bewick said...

and hey let us get this right. I care NOT if some commit suicide however much regard I have for Ms Dorries who now seems to have flipped.

They will ONLY do that if they are both guilty AND mentally unstable.
EITHER condition means they are not fit to be Mps.
Let us be even more clear. ANYONE else on £64k a year will have a very demanding job, at least as difficult as an MP, but how many of THOSE have you heard committing suicide. A few maybe, including an unstable Chief Constable, but VERY few. You got it wrong Nadine. MOST of these arseholes are too effing arrogant to even consider it because THEY were RIGHT and they have been "unfairly victimised". Hrumph. NO-ONE will convince them otherwise.

bryboy said...

Well said Bewick I agree with every word and you are right it will come out. Peter Oborne of the Mail stated on Saturday that he wrote to every major politician warning them that the allowance system was being abused and they all ignored him, well apart from Yvette Cooper who complained that he was bringing politics into disrepute! When thieves fall out...