Monday, 11 May 2009

More Apologies!

I have written on more than one occasion that I sick of people who have been caught bang to rights apologising and thinking that is sufficient to make it all go away. Apologosing once you have caught out is too late because everyone knows that if the apologist had not been caught then the wrongdoing would have continued.

So today Mugabe Brown, the man who never apologises, made a kind of half hearted attempt to say sorry on behalf of all MPs. The trouble is that not all MPs are involved and I hope that when the Daily Telegraph have outed the guilty then they will also hail the innocent.

I would be more impressed if Brown had announced that all those MPs who had committed offences against the spirit of the 'Green Book' would be suspended until the appropriate investigations could take place. But then he would almost be left without a Cabinet.

Generally though it would appear that MPs still seem unaware of the contempt in which they are generally held by the public. They are still trumpeting the same old lies and excuses which is why some of them should be charged with theft from the public purse. We can start with all those who 'flipped their houses to claim the same thing twice over which is naked fraud. Once one or two are sent down it will soon concentrate the mind to paying back what they have illegally obtained by deception.

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