Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Reward for Failure.

The steam came out of my ears this morning when I read that this failed Speaker is to be ennobled and awarded with a huge pension. This is preposterous! He is the first Speaker in what three hundred years to fail to see out his term of office because of his conduct.

He should have been sent packing immediately, the Deputy Speaker could have stood in for him until a new Speaker is elected. Then today at PM's Question Farce when Nick Clegg, who did the courageous act of telling him to his face to go, was made to look like a criminal as groveller followed groveller in praising a man who had let them all down. It was then that they all showed their true colours on the Labour benches when they tried to howl Clegg down. That was their true mood, not one of contrition or shame but one of righteous indignation that they had been rumbled.

If Speaker Martin moves to the Lords it will prove once and for all that The Political Class still do not understand the mood of the public. They just do not get it. They screeched foul at the conduct of the bankers and then proceeded to copy it.
The reward for failure culture must cease. Speaker Martin should have lost his chance at the House of Lords. Is there no moral authority left at Westminster?

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