Friday, 29 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I continue to record how the British public are actually voting in the local By-Elections and in the latest local by election in a ward of Middlesborough the BNP came second to NoLab with a 19.1% share of the vote. Once again the Tory vote collapsed in a NoLab stronghold.

This despite a poll which Guido has trumpeted indicates that the BNP will only receive 5% of the vote on 04 June. The establishment all want UKIP to be the party of protest because they are controllable. They have form for stealing from the public purse so they must be OK. The only party who are financially 'clean' are the BNP.

I know all about the racism slurs, there are aspects of their policy which I am uncomfortable with (I think) but you see I agree that we should come out of Europe. I agree that the mass immigration has to cease. I agree that anyone who lives in this country and should not be here should return home.

I really believe that our own people should be given priority in education, health and welfare. Our young couples come first. Don't get me wrong because there are many immigrant families living in this country who deserve to be here and I know have contributed vastly to our society. This is not a 'colour' issue. It is a 'fairness' issue. The British public want a fair playing field and they are sure not getting one at the moment.

So back to the poll! Will the BNP only get 5% of the vote? Ever since the beginning of the year they have polled far better and I tell you what, once people have crossed the line and decided to align themselves with the force of evil then there is no turning back.

It takes courage to vote BNP because all the controlled media are telling you that you are racist, bestial and bigoted. You will be termed 'vile' and 'odious' because believe you me they are scared that some of the people are not under their control. I personally may be terribly disappointed by the outcome but I just have to give them one go at reforming what is a dreadfully corrupt, outmoded and undemocratic electoral system.

Only time on 04 June will tell if I am correct! Are the British people as sickened by modern politics as I think they are?

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