Sunday, 17 May 2009

Where have they all gone?

Today the News of the World did a double page spread naming the worst of our MPs. In all it totalled 92 members but the most horrifying aspect was that it contained 19 members of the Cabinet and that did not included either Gordon Brown who made us pay for his cleaning or Lord Mandelsson.

That is over half of the Cabinet and some of them have made some pretty horrific claims. The practice of 'flipping' their homes to double their money seems to have been almost endemic. In some cases they have even treble 'flipped'. These are the people who have been on our television screens at every available opportunity for almost the past ten years.

Then it struck me after watching David Milliband squirming uncomfortably on the 'Andrew Marr' show and blaming the 'system' that the usual suspects have disappeared. Apart from Margaret Beckett's abject performance on Question Time where she was roundly jeered they have vanished. Where is the Chancellor? Where is the Home Secretary? Where is the Justice Minister, the Chipmunk, Geoff Hoon, Tony McNulty, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint, Chris Bryant or Douglas Alexander?

Gone, all gone, all in hiding which probably confirms that they are pretty ashamed of themselves (or scared of the public reaction). The other thing that I noticed is that, with the noticeable exception of Hazel the Chipmunk, none of them have offered any kind of reparation. The Tories and LibDems are waving cheques around like confetti (in panic) but none of the major players have offered any kind of explanation.

I think that they believe that if they keep quiet then it will blow over. If I was a NoLab candidate standing in the European election on June 4th I would be spitting tacks that the 'big players' were not supporting me. Most of them have spent their life in politics and enjoyed the benefits of the grand lifestyle and yet when their party needs them they are all in hiding.

The Press reports that The Queen is about to rebuke Gordon Brown for his threat to democracy. I hope that HM tells him to call an election because with so many of his personally appointed Cabinet members now tainted by accusations of fraud they have lost all moral authority.

Add Ruth Kelly to the list. According to The Telegraph she has spent £31000 of public money on refurbishing her house. Another case for the police!

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