Monday, 25 May 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

There is a website called 'They Work For You' which is a detailed insight into the voting habits, the feelings and the expenses of all of the MPs. I have set myself the task of trawling through their expenses because I want to discover those MP's who are NOT trying to take advantage of 'The System'.

As I work through them one by one it becomes instantly clear that there is a 'respectable' figure of £150,000 which is a benchmark for most of the regular MPs when they claim for expenses. This is on top of their regular salary. Most of the regular MPs keep themselves to that figure so I am looking at the MPs who have decided to keep themselves well, well, below that figure.

It is a long job and I am only on the letter 'G' but let me tell you that the only MP so far who has claimed less that £100,000 for expenses in 2008 is Frank Dobson. Can you people in ordinary jobs even dream of claiming over £100,000 per year in expenses? I tell you that clearly £150,000 per year in expenses is the norm at Westminster.

I will put my anorak on and trawl through the rest of this sleazy government. You never know we may even find a public spirited MP! Ha!

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