Thursday, 7 May 2009

Madeleine McCann

Hm! Oh dear! Gerry and Kate McCann come across as decent, responsible, parents. They are both after all medical professionals. The documentary tonight was of course very professional and cast them both in a very good light.

There was just one problem! On the night that his daughter disappeared his prime witness, the one person to observe someone carrying off his daughter (we assume), could not remember where he was standing. She had to be reminded (by Gerry) where he was standing on the night that his daughter was abducted. This woman (Jane Tanner) was the principle witness to the abductor! Surely she knew where Gerry was standing on this most important of evenings! On the documentary that we saw she was sure but was willing to be corrected by Gerry.

When the McCanns have been so severely attacked and are under such an intense scrutiny they must have a bombproof case. To argue on their own documentary about positioning which has already come under question from the Portuguese detective who led the investigation. He cast a shadow over the their positioning and their route to their children.

I live in Leicestershire and I dearly want to believe the McCanns but something is pulling me up short. They should face down the Portuguese detective who is accusing them of so much devilry. Get him into court Gerry! Don't let him do you down! Madeleine is too important for this ridiculous individual to allow your campaign to be questioned.

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