Friday, 15 May 2009

A New Dawn

Is there just a chance that the 'outing' of the cheating Political Class could summon a new dawn for British Politics. Most of us believe that the Political Class viewed the public their electorate with contempt. They have politicised the leadership of the police, the senior Civil Servants and the Judiciary.

The result has been a country which many of us do not recognise. We have no border controls as a result of our liaison with the unaudited European Union. Consequently we have no idea who should reside here and who should not. The result can be seen from our prison population. There is so much crime on our streets and so little police presence that our jails are full and they are letting out violent criminals early.

The people at the lower end of the working class have been abandoned by the NoLab politicians. They do not have a voice. Their children, the most vulnerable children in our society, have been encouraged into early sexual behaviour to such an extent that in every kitchen sink estate in the country we can see young girls pushing prams. This government gives them money and accommodation to become pregnant and in many cases it gives them independence from families that they are well rid of.

Marriage, security and responsibilty are not rewarded. People who believe in the traditional Christian family values are derided by government agencies as being 'retarded homophobes'. The 'gay' lobby has been allowed to flourish and prosper even though everyone knows that a married couple produce the most adjusted kids. I am sure that there must be 'gay' couples somewhere who have the best interest of a child at stake but hell it is still against the laws of nature.

Somewhere the successors to the Political Class lurk. I just hope that they will learn from the debacle which we have seen in Westminster this week. It is just not possible to change the character of a whole educated population in ten years.

The British people are many things, we are apathetic, complacent and sometimes arrogant. We are however slow to rile but if you arouse us then we can be bloody dangerous. I suspect that Brown, Mandelsson, Smith, Straw, Hoon, Milliband x 2, Blears, Beckett et al are soon going to discover that they have pushed us too far. I look forward to a change of direction in this country.

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