Monday, 1 June 2009


I have been pondering over the problems that we have in this country prior to the elections on 4th June. I have been trying to put my finger on what NoLab has brought to this country since they came to power. I have come to the conclusion that their most telling contribution has been 'secrecy'.

Nobody is ever responsible for their actions. Nobody is to blame. Nowhere can we find a culprit, a poor decision, a dodgy transaction because today, government is a smokescreen. Listen to Gordon Brown, he a master of evasion, he never answers a straight question with a straight answer. He does not understand honesty because if he was ever honest, just for a second, he would have to face the truth.

Beneath him are layers of deceit, obfuscation and greed. It does not matter where we look because behind every corner of NoLab government is a layer of secrecy designed to prevent you from discovering the truth. Nobody is ever elected anymore and even when they are then we are learning to doubt the validity of the vote.

They are earning more from the public purse that any generation before them. The sums are vast and yet nobody ever knows who voted them their pay rises. If you are in the stratosphere then you are there for life. It does not matter how badly you have fouled up because once you are part of this disgraceful cartel then you have it made for life.

What I want to know is who selected these people and why? As a member of the public who coughs up the taxes to pay their wages then I would like someone to answer these questions. 'Mugabe' says that he wants to reform the system that he helped to create. The problem is that he specialises in secrecy.

We the public should vote/be informed of every major appointment which carries a salary of over £100,000. We should know why the high earners are earning their vast salaries. We should see their CV's their experience and their suitability. I don't care about the private sector but I do care about the public sector. It is reported that the management of the NHS has burgeoned out of control. This government has thrown money at the public sector to buy votes.

This is a tactic used by the European Union and it has been adopted by NoLab. It has been widely reported that the MEPs have had money, unlimited money, thrown at them. They have been coerced to keep them onside. Bribe them with enough money and they will not ask too many questions. 'Mugabe' learned the tactic from Mandelsson but the problem is that they have been outed by the 'patriot' who gave the Daily Telegraph the disk.

Now we all know what is happening so what do we do about it? Clearly we cannot abdicate this responsibility to the political classes but who supercedes parliament. In this country we actually only have one person who is neutral of politics and who is trusted by almost everyone. I just wish that Her Maj would speak openly about the state of the nation. I know that there are conventions but these are extraordinary days. This government is ruining the economy of the country because of their policy of bribing their supporters.

It is naked corruption but then we will only rid ourselves of it when we have total transparency. That is what we should be voting for on 04 June so if you can find a party who advocates it then please support them. The European Union is a corrupt, undemocratic, unaudited abysmal assembly of thieves and vagabonds supported only by thieves and vagabonds like Brown, Cameron and Clegg. Vote for change!

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