Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the Verge of the Greatest Sports Show on Earth!

The Olympics is almost upon us. It has cost the earth and has been mishandled from the very start. Despite that I cannot wait for our Olympians to bring our country out of the doldrums and prove to the politicians that the British spirit is still alive and well. They can take their globalisation and their modernisation and shove it up their proverbial.

The British people will rise above their political leaders and stick two fingers up to them. I still believe that Londoners will suffer from these Games but I must support the athletes. Most have trained all of their lives for one crack at glory. From now on I don't care about ticket sales, accommodation prices, food and drink scandals and foreign criminals. Now it all about the athletes and their aspirations.

However, here we go again. The organisers cannot even get a controversial flag correct. I ask you how can someone get a flag wrong? Our lack of attention to detail will come to haunt us. In particular how can anyone confuse the flags of North and South Korea? It beggars' belief!

I wish everyone well but I doubt the ability of some organisers to come through unscathed. So far they have done well but now we are down to the nitty gritty. The slightest failure will be highlighted and crowd attendance  will be top of the agenda.  And I have not even mentioned security!


bewick said...

Well now Bryboy. I watched, and winced at, the opening ceremony.
It was far from the "spectacular" and "quintessentally British" triumph which the BBC claimed.
In my cynical and Victor Meldrew mode I reckon it was pure tat - but maybe that says all about Britain today so could well be an accurate representation.
I, a highly educated Englishman, had trouble understanding what arty farty Danny Boyle was trying to convey. Even the ratchet cogwheels failed to ratchet! Cheap.
I have little doubt that those in the arena found it entertaining. the noise, the lights etc does have an effect. I didn't and I rather doubt that the world did. They will be bemused.
To me a truly British response would be to re-erect Tyburn Gallows and hang Danny Boyle publicly , or, cheaper, again use the chopping block in the Tower of London.
Let's hope British athletes get a little further than this disgrace.
As you can probably deduce I am rather less than impressed. In fact I am embarrassed.

bewick said...

And oh - WHY exactly were most explanations/announcements relayed in French first. I understand French but this is Britain where the native language, so far, is English.

I said I was less than impressed and embarrassed. Actually I am seriously angry.