Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Are the British Public Rejecting the Olympics?

I am getting the impression that there is an air of desperation emanating for LOCOG. The highly charged atmosphere of optimism which pervaded every launch of Olympic tickets seems to be evaporating.  They are now admitting that the football stadiums will not be full.

I can understand that because there is rarely interest in foreign countries playing each other on neutral territory but there has also been a parade of paralympic stars talking up disabled sport during the last fortnight and asking people to support them.

Tonight Lord Coe surfaced talking up their performance so far but hinting that certain sections of certain venues may have to be closed down. He fell back on the old chestnut that some venues were still being constructed but I could not help but feel that the mood was changing.

I am beginning to wonder if the British public are a little more shrewd that the politicians took them for. I may be wrong of course and I often am but...sky high accommodation prices, rip off food and drink charges and abysmal travelling facilities are not an attractive proposition. People are not stupid and London is not regarded as a safe venue in the modern era of mass immigration and an incompetent UK Border Agency.

Top that off with the army of criminals from Eastern Europe waiting to pounce on our pockets and purses, the major doubts about security epitomised by G4S and watching Alastair Brownlee stuff the triathlon world on TV becomes a much better bet!

I recently read that thousands have followed the Tour de France free of charge but if you want to watch the same cyclists in the Olympic Road Race it will cost you £240! How can they close off such a large section of public highway beats me but they can't let anyone have Olympic fun for free!

There are still tickets available for the Opening Ceremony but they will cost you £2000! I shall be very interested in any empty seats when it comes to the flagship events. There have been stories that foreign countries have been returning tickets by the cartload but we will not see the full extent until the games begin.


SAB said...

I have to get to the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia on 7th August, but apart from that I'll be steering well clear of London. Empty seats for the men's 100m final would be a shocker. All this hype and it'll be over as fast as Wimbledon was. Then we'll get the bill!

bryboy said...

Nice to hear from you SAB. Yes the 100m final will be the crucial factor. The bill will be interesting. We have had all the lies and the hype with the bill will come the truth.