Friday, 13 July 2012


I see that the mainstream media and the Rothschild supporting politicians are still building a case against the Syrian government with ridiculous rumour, innuendo and poor video footage. In this day and age of high quality video on every mobile phone why do we keep being fed the vague and unsubstantiated grainy images?  It achieves and proves nothing.

Nobody seems to know that, if an atrocity has been committed, which group did it and what has happened. The United Nations troops amazingly cannot ever get close to the scenes. They don't even seem to try. We never have any proof. 

Hilary Clinton who of course is part of the problem has immediately jumped on the bandwagon and declared that all this rumour is further proof that the Assad regime is murdering their own citizens. She will inevitably be followed by William Hague because it is likely that they are employed by the same company. William just belongs to the British branch.

In the meantime the Russians hold a different view. They don't appear to be so easily convinced that the images emanating from Syria are kosher. The vague references to government militia do not convince me either so let me gently remind you that Syria is holding out against a Rothschilds owned Central Bank. They follow on from Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi...and of course Afghanistan!

The trouble is that when you have pulled the same stunt time and time again one or two people begin to understand what is happening.  I look forward to the next instalment of the wavery, grainy images of life in Syria with the next 'horrific' slaughter of women and children which will never be proven.

It is all building up to the introduction of British mercenaries (sorry soldiers) entering Syria like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan because British soldiers are expendable. In our modern society if you volunteer for military service you are a mug. You have no career prospects and you will be used and abused. If you get close to a government military pension you will be sacked. If you don't you will be deployed on sandwich duty at the Olympics.

Don't believe a word that you hear about the situation in Syria. It is being engineered by bankers and politicians. This scenario has been repeated so often by the mainstream media. You should look forward to the next appearance of William Hague with his Yorkshire gravitas deploring the slaughter of women and children with no proof whatsoever and suggesting that Britain gets involved.

Don't believe a word of it folks!

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bewick said...

See this - scroll down to find the "words of a resident"

No-one knows the truth yet Haig is lobbying for intervention.