Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Paramilitary Olympics!

I do sometimes wonder what it will take to reorganise the Home Office. Since our Civil Service was politicised by New Labour the performance of many of our goverment departments has plummeted but nowhere is it quite as inept as the Home Office. For a government department to be unable to guarantee security at the London Olympics to such an extent that they have to call in 3500 troops is a national scandal. 

These games start in a little over two weeks so they have two weeks to train and organise serving soldiers who must be somewhat resentful. Why has it taken until now for LOCOG to discover that their security contractors are incompetent? What has the Home Secretary been doing? Of course anyone who can foul up the UK Border Agency should not be trusted with security at the Olympics but then Theresa May is a moderniser so that excuses everything

Many of these soldiers have just arrived home from Afghanistan and apparently have been told to cancel family holidays to shore up the Home Office incompetence. I never thought that I would ever write this but they should go on strike and refuse!

How can it be that all those politicians and senior Civil Servants who receive perks beyond the comprehension of most of us (and most soldiers) continue in their jobs after this shambles. Theresa May should resign in shame. Why is Ed Miliband our political opposition not demanding her resignation. Oh I forgot he is on holiday along with all the others.

I have long posted that these Olympics are verging on a shambles. We have surface to air missiles mounted on private residential property. We will have security guards checking that the public don't intend to picnic or even eat their own food. McDonalds have a concession which allows them alone to sell chips. I should correct that to French Fries because they can't cook chips!

The organisation of the Olympics is likely to be flawed. Something will go wrong. The only guarantee is that only the general public will suffer. Those incompetent senior officials and politicians will continue to enjoy their bomb proof lives receiving their bonuses and enjoying the best seats. Perhaps we should rename this event the Paramilitary Games!

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