Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins!

Bradley Wiggins
Bradley Wiggins...British!
I have been following the Tour de France for about 50 years now as it is the ultimate test of endurance. During that time we have had relatively few British cyclists who have been able to make an impression. The first that I remember Tommy Simpson died on 'Le Tour' after a flirtation with drugs and the tour has been plagued by drugs ever since.

For a while I followed the little Scots climber Robert Millar who came fourth in 1984 but generally we have had little success. Professional Cycling was for years dominated by the Europeans who scorned the efforts of other countries until Lance Armstrong from the States put them in their place.

Today a British rider, Bradley Wiggins, not only beat the rest of the world, he slaughtered them! He had already built up an unassailable lead but then came his speciality...a time trial and he did not disappoint. His only challenger has been a team mate Chris Frome who is a wonderful mountain climber but this year he has been working for Team Sky and his leader is Bradley Wiggins. 

Mark my words this has been one of the greatest sporting victories of all time.  He has so dominated this stellar event that it is almost embarrassing...for the others. Bradley Wiggins is a star amongst stars. We may never see his like again and shhh...he is an Olympian and there is an Olympic Time Trial!

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