Friday, 27 July 2012

Taxation and our Chancellor

Today the Daily Express took up the cudgels on behalf of the nations' pensioners. It revealed that pensioners in modern Britain are unfairly taxed in comparison with so many others. I find the whole tax issue vexing having earlier this year been pursued vigorously by the tax authorities on a false premise.

What I cannot understand is why are all the rich people are allowed to employ tax experts so that they can find loopholes which allows them to escape paying their fair share? Why are these loopholes not being closed. If there is a weakness in the system why is it not being  investigated?

We even hear that the BBC (bless 'em) employ a system which enables their high earners to avoid paying the full amount due! This must cease but when do we ever get the Chancellor announcing that he is closing down all tax loopholes? When will the Chancellor start addressing issues which matter to the public? Who gives a monkeys about a Pasty Tax when billions are being lost every year through negligence, incompetence and greed.

We never hear that our contributions to the EU are being slashed. We never hear that International Aid is being slashed and we can afford neither until the economy begins to perform. If these largely useless politicians cannot get the economy going then they should be slashing their own pet projects not punishing the public.

I will repeat however that we voted them in. People like Osborne, Balls, Miliband must really wonder how they continue to gain votes after such miserable achievements. One lot ruined the economy and the other lot cannot rescue it. Still why worry when the pensioners have no redress other than to pay more tax to support bankers who are avoiding it. All in it together Mr Cameron? Not from where most of us stand...get a grip of that bloody Chancellor!

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