Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What Can We Believe?

One of the points of this blog is to challenge the perceptions of the man in the street. You see I recognise the power of the mainstream media. If you are in charge of the mainstream media you can manipulate public opinion. Take just one example the BBC which shamelessly promotes the cause of the European Union and the left wing socialist MPs.

For example their flagship Political Sunday morning programme the 'Andrew Marr show' is spectacularly biased towards modernisation. If you are not 'progressive' or 'mainstream'  then you stand no chance of exposure. So they serve up a constant diet of Cameron, Osborne, Balls, Hague, Brown, Blair, Miliband etc etc. The problem is that they are all in the same club. They all support the EU and they all support Bilderberger which is the the club that issues their orders.

None of us want to believe that our political hierarchy could in fact be traitors. None of us want to believe that the world that we have been educated to accept is corrupt. For example how could we believe that our Queen is actually no longer our monarch. She signed her Coronation oaths away in 1972.

That is the truth but even my wife cannot contemplate that fact. She goes ballistic every time that I mention it. She loves the royals and their mainstream media personification. Airmiles Andy is a saint!

So why is that? Why do the public refuse to believe that royalty is beyond reproach even when we have witnessed the Princess Diana murder? I have discovered a video which if you have 17 minutes to spare may explain so much. It deals with 9/11 but it also has so much relevance to the British people and the monarchy.

We live in a changing world and we must learn to deal with it. Listen to people who are qualified to help us come to terms with the unacceptable.

By the way this 'Before its News' website will frighten the life out of you. They tell you how it is in real life. You will not want to know what the mainstream media is hiding. If you really want an insight into reality, the facts that the media do not want you to know, then wire into these boys! I cannot possibly expose all their issues. I am privileged to get a trending feed from them. 

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