Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Should we Trust the CPS?

Isimeli Baleiwai at home
Isimeli Baleiwai and family
I have long had the opinion that the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) should not be trusted and had a politically correct agenda which had little to do with justice. Today they courted the public when they charged a plethora of journalists for phone hacking. I now fear that these high profile charges are just a publicity side show.

I do not believe that high ranking members of the Murdoch Empire will ever be jailed. It will not happen! They do not sacrifice their own so it is quite an exercise in public scrutiny. Once again the lawyers will benefit as these Murdoch disciples appear before a sideshow which has no relevance. 

More importantly we have a case of a Fijian soldier who served in the army for 13 years being forcibly removed from the UK on a spurious (Home Office) decision.  He is of course likely to be loyal to the traditional British way of life and so is an undesirable where the modernisers are concerned. He was featured this morning on the 'Wright Stuff' but they still refuse to recognise the Home Office agenda. The British cannot bring themselves to believe that the Home Office mandarins are effectively...how do I put this... not batting for the country! 

The CPS enjoy publicity but hardly ever come through with justice. They also promote high profile cases which cost fortunes but rarely bring results. The CPS are not what those of us want in this country to guarantee justice.


Anonymous said...

Lenin spoke in the past that in the west services would be instituted to serve the public but would then become authorities within. What you are seeing is merely the input of communist agenda within the west, a plan created long before Jacob Schiff funded Lev Davodavitch Bronstein with the sum of $20m to create a revolution within Russia.

We are nothing more than spectators in a theatre, watching a play, already written, hence why the entertainment industry has been elevated to the level of 'life controlling' importance today.

We have been warned many, many times throughout history. There have been countless individuals praised (and demonised) by the MSM and ruling establishments, who have spoken out against and lost their lives in the process of trying to avert the totalitarian society we currently live within.

The people are the enemy, always have been and always will. They have built and currently staff and protect the system that enslaves them. Until they realise this reality, freedom will be nothing more than a word in a dictionary.

bryboy said...

You have the wonderful gift my friend of putting my thoughts in to your words. I agree history repeats itself and if we all studied the historical implication of modern life we would all be a lot wiser. For example how many foreign armies have ever been victorious in Afghanistan? Tks for your considerable input.

bewick said...

The CPS, aka the Criminal Protection Society, are in my opinion little interested in true justice. They normally are interested only in "sure fire" wins - except in high profile cases.
This is yet another american import to mimic the "District Attorney" concept.
The argument of course is that:-
1. their early intervention prevents mistakes and
2.prevents "no hope cases" (too little damning and incontravertible evidence)wasting money.
Sensible objectives? Maybe, but it isn't true justice - that has been lost by the bean counters.
It does though introduce a certain self interest since losing a case is not good for for CPS lawyers.
40 years ago I reviewed a Police Prosecutions Department. In those days common or garden offences (driving offences for example) were prosecuted in the magistrates court by the police themselves. Lawyers were only brought in for higher level crimes and it was still the Police who decided whether the prosecution would proceed - and let a jury decide on the strength of the evidence (or so I seem to remember)

I do know that Police Officers are frequently frustrated that the CPS decide not to proceed when they would have taken the chance in the interest of justice.
The Police are also frustrated by PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act). That Act undoubtedly introduced some sensible protections but, like the Human Rights Act, is now seriously corrupted.

I have an old joke that our governments (and particularly New Labour) scour the world for solutions and then introduce the worst. Second thoughts - it isn't a joke.

bewick said...

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