Monday, 2 July 2012


Today yet another three solders were murdered by their so called allies; killed by the very people that they are employed to train. The farce being enacted out in Afghanistan continues to cost the lives of brave British soldiers. I first began to post on Afghanistan three years ago and nothing has changed.

This venture into Afghanistan was meant to keep the army busy so that events at home could proceed without interference. Every sane and sensible nationalistic principle has been neutered and destroyed. The ethics of the British Army that I joined in 1965 was based on the principle 'For Queen and Country'. 

Our whole 'raison d'etre' was that we would put our lives on the line for our friends and family. We were fighting for our country. We were defending our traditions and our values! We fought alongside our mates and that was the motivation which drove my generation on in the Falklands and conflicts before.

Since the onset of Blair/Bush the role of the British army has changed. They are now mercenaries for the 'corporatocracies' and their political servants. The Al Qaeda garbage has probably been the biggest scam ever. The 9/11 incident in New York has been questioned all across the blogosphere.  There are so many anomalies about the collapsed twin towers that it has ceased to be a conspiracy theory.

If someone can stage an incident of that magnitude for political advantage what else will they do? What else is in store for the public? There are rumours from across the pond that the States face turmoil beyond belief. Many believe that they have lost their beloved constitution. Here in the UK we have many others who believe that our heritage has been usurped so read this (scroll down to Trust No-One') and then also read this from people who command a much wider audience than I do!

Every politician who has backed the invasion of Afghanistan is not backing Britain. These soldiers never had a chance because their hands were tied. Afghanistan is and always has been a warlord will never change. The people who have put the American and British soldiers into this invidious position have so much to answer for but then they knew it. Nobody with one eye on history would ever agree to an invasion of Afghanistan. It was political madness and of course that was why the decision was so crass.

Once again the families and friends are grieving for soldiers who should never have been sent to Afghanistan in the first place. The real villains are the people who engineered the Al Qaeda problem. Afghanistan is not the problem. It was never the real problem. The problem with Afghanistan is that it did not have a Central Bank owned by the Rothschilds!

Pakistan is the problem. Most of the terrorism emanates from Pakistan...and by the way I do not believe for one minute that Osama bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces and we never saw his body. It is a joke.

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