Monday, 9 July 2012

How do we Reverse the War on Youth?

For almost five years now I have been expressing my thoughts on modern British society. I have commented on the endemic corruption which has invaded Britain. It is everywhere and in the past thirty years none of our governments has ever tried to reverse it. Ever since we entered the Common Market which was engineered by a despicable Prime Minister, Edward Heath, our national sovereignty has been usurped.

Since Heath we have only had one Prime Minister truly batting for Britain and we all know that Margaret Thatcher was deposed by the europhiles in her party. Since then the traditional Conservative Party has been in the hands of well, frankly, communists. The so called centre left has invaded The European Union but they are not centre left they are far to the left. 

The corruption has spread to all our traditional national services; those services which the tax payer relies upon to protect their interests. Look at the police, the fire brigade, the civil service and more importantly the legal system. They are all under the influence of the PC brigade. Their raison d'etre has been undermined by a unknown influence which cannot be identified. It is a hidden presence buried into the background of our traditional culture. Everything that has been the bedrock of our society has been wrecked by this hidden presence which continues to invade us all.

So where are all heading? We have a largely wealthy older generation who all of their lives have paid into the national pot and are now receiving pensions which the younger generation can only dream about. These old people are living the life of Riley because they have paid for it.

The youth of this country have been let down by a ridiculous education system and now they are being invaded by an army of educated foreigners who actually speak better English than they do. Many of them have manners and recognise responsibility and so these incomers jump into every decent job that appears on the market. They know what is required and nobody has told our kids how to conduct an interview.

The result will be a burning resentment which exploded in the riots of last year. Thousands of dysfunctional young people descended onto our unprotected streets and destroyed a variety of businesses. Many of them have since been jailed but will soon be back onto the streets armed with more knowledge gained from their time in prison.

One day someone will band them together and convince them that might is right. Our police will never cope, our army has been neutered, our legal system fails to punish the evil and our prisons achieve nothing so what will prevent an army of young people taking what they want. It can only be a matter of time.

When will the time comes that those of us who have bought our houses, raised families and contributed to society lose everything to feral gangs.  

The young have no conventional future because it is being taken from them. There will come a time when they will have no alternative but to take what does not belong to them in order to survive. I know that this is a grim scenario but what else can the youngsters do? Even those gaining degrees begin their working life mired in debt.

Many are ignorant of conventional decency. they have been corrupted by a lack of natural justice. Their world has no boundaries and no direction. If we continue along these lines one day a gang will appear on my street and occupy my house and I will have no redress. We already have little police presence and no army so when someone organises the immigrant underclass then beware of the consequences. Unless we challenge the people supporting this war on the youth of today we have a very uncertain future!

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