Friday, 13 July 2012

The London Olympics (continued)

The so called security company G4S appears to have let the country down. They failed to recruit the numbers required to provide adequate security for the public and to ensure that nobody brings in their own sandwiches. Now with only two weeks before the London Olympics kicks off, they appear to be in a last minute panic and are recruiting schoolchildren on low wages to protect the public.

This comes hard on top of the additional recruitment of 3500 soldiers many fresh out of Afghanistan. I hear that the squalid living accommodation provided by the MOD for these servicemen is in places worse than Camp Bastion!

These Olympics are tottering from one crisis to another. Nobody appears to be in charge. Why on earth has nobody been monitoring G4S and been asking pertinent question? I get the impression that the whole quest of the organisers has been profit which has transferred itself to greed. I have a friend who volunteered to assist. He is an experienced athletics official and attended an interview. Since then he has heard nothing! They didn't even give him the courtesy of a refusal.

We already have traffic problems and empty lanes. We already have chaos whenever the rail service practices emergency drills. Civil Servants have been instructed to work at home during the Games.

I dread to think what will happen when we unleash hundreds of unskilled British teenagers on the unsuspecting foreign invasion. You must remember that these visitors have never, ever met a modern British teenager. I know that some are really good kids but then we have the others! They are a joke! Some of them can't even tell the time let alone use a knife and fork properly. They think the 'F' word is the most common adjective/verb/noun in the English language!

GS4 in its own blethering incompetence may give the visiting world a first hand glimpse of how far down the social scale Britain has fallen. When will the authorities realise that if they had recruited the same number of fit pensioners the security would have been guaranteed? They might however, have turned a blind eye to the odd pasty in the pocket and we can't have that can we?

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