Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why ARE People concerned about the Olympics?

I stole this from Captain Ranty's blog!
I suppose it is because I do not trust Lord Coe, the Coalition Government or LOCOG that I am constantly snooping around trying to discover the truth about our Olympics like ticket sales and security. Ever since the very first tickets went on sale there has been an element of secrecy and mistrust. Huge sums of money have been involved and as each step has been taken nobody seems certain what the eventual cost will be.

Now other agencies are becoming concerned. The Chairwoman of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, has weighed into the argument. Here is what she has to say about the lack of transparency.

Then an unsold ticket scandal is emerging. Much of it concerns football but unsold tickets are apparently being returned from foreign Olympic agencies. The scale of it has not been made public but estimates are discussed here and these are not inconsiderable numbers.

Then comes a suggestion that the Games might be cancelled on security grounds and estimates about what it might cost. These doubts are escalating and may just be scare stories but it does not bode well. I hope the Games go well. I hope that they run like clockwork and that we win lots of gold medals. I hope that the legacy from the Games enhances sport in this country. The problem is that I am aware of the type of person in charge of it all. 

I do not predict a disaster but I do predict chaos and suddenly we will all face a huge bill once it is all over!  

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