Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why Don't They Upgrade?

After seeing another day of rows and rows of empty 'posh' seats in almost every Olympic venue one has to wonder at the lack of empathy that the Olympic Games Committee has with the British public. When we see the committed public filling up the 'cheap' seats surely it is not beyond the imagination of someone to say 'move them down to the front'.

It is this lack of imagination which is destroying the credibility of LOCOG. Profit has been their only mantra and profit turned into greed. When I see all the cheap seats filled to capacity and then the rows of empty 'dear' seats I wonder where it all went wrong? There are people who were refused tickets for the events that they applied for and are now witnessing vast areas of empty seats for those very events!?

These Olympic Games will be a success because the level of competition is the ultimate on this planet (unless you are a Spanish footballer of course...sorry I just couldn't resist a cheap shot).  We will all get caught up in the hysteria and so we should because all our competitors have dedicated a period of their lives to this competition and they deserve our support.

What a shame that the Political Class has, once again, fouled up their end of the bargain. 'Lions led by Donkeys' comes to mind yet again! I say again ...when they have the opportunity then upgrade the faithful. I don't just mean upgrade, I mean if Andy Murray is playing at Wimbledon and there are seats in the Royal Box then fill it! Come on if people are that keen then reward them!

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