Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'I've Become the Story'...local Sleaze!

Councillor David Parsons
Councillor David Parsons...
Today in rural Leicestershire the people had a small victory. The Chairman of our County Council who has been in league with Brussels for many years, despite being a Conservative, has resigned! At last he has been ousted after discrepancies with his expense claims had been questioned.

This is the man who in the past five years  has claimed a million pounds in expenses. This has come out of the council tax that we pay for public services. Councillor Parsons resigned today prior to facing a vote of no confidence from his own party. He has clung on for weeks despite mounting evidence that he had cheated the system.

What now? His resignation is an admission of guilt. He knew that he was at the end of the line. Is it not now the duty of the County Council authorities to pursue an enquiry into everything that this councillor has claimed and put him into a dock? He must be made to repay every penny that he swindled out of the public purse.

He must be pursued with the full force of the law just as an example to so many others who think that they are above it. This is the man who made the taxpayers pay for limousines for the weddings of his children. We also paid for him to attend local theatres and to motoring events at Silverstone. He has milked every opportunity to steal from the taxpayer. He MUST now face a judge!

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