Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Reform of the House of Lords

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg MP
I have no doubt that there are some aspects of the House of Lords that requires reform. To start with I would investigate every one of the Labour peers who were stuffed in there when Tony Blair was steering the country towards disaster. In my opinion the investigation into 'cash for peerages' carried out by the failed Assistant Commissioner Yates was, shall we say, not the best example of investigative police work.

However the last person who should be leading any reform of the House of Lords is Nick Clegg. He is a dyed in the wool arch moderniser who will take every opportunity to strip bare any pillar of our society which we have relied upon for centuries. I sometimes think that people like Clegg have one simple aim and that is to bring the country down.

We have a myriad of financial problems. We have a myriad of serious social issues. Our justice system needs a serious overhaul. Everywhere you look the British people face challenges but the leader of the Liberals selects reform of the House of Lords as his flagship policy. I have little doubt that somewhere in his proposals will be some clause which will include proportional representation and some political advantage for his failing LibDems.

I will by the way raise a glass to all the Tory MPs who vote with their conscience and defy the Cameron whips. I just wish they would do the right thing and move to UKIP!


bewick said...

Fact is Bryboy that the House of Lords as it once was had served the UK well since 1706 as a pretty effective "check and balance" on the HoC and the Government.
The Life Peerages Act 1958 changed all that and paved the way for wholesale political manipulation and very well paying "jobs for the boys".(£300+ a day + expenses would appeal to most)

No matter that it was mainly still populated by hereditary peers + the Lords Spiritual it was still respected throughout the Commonwealth and formed the highest Court of Appeal. Only those hereditaries with interest attended and, despite their aristocratic nature, I tend to believe that they acted with non-political propriety in the main.
I doubt the new American style "Supreme Court" carries the same gravitas as the House of Lords as an appeal court - something unique and British. How long before even that is totally politicised as in America?

Now of course we are faced with total destruction of the HoL and replacement with a totally elected and even more politicised american style senate with exactly the same problems. Doesn't feel at all right and totally un British. Will we never learn?
A few years ago I took part in a Government, subsequently published, study of the honours system. I had much to say and was astonished that all my comments were published for all to see. One thing I stated, amongst many comments, was that Life Peerages should become just 5 year peerages. I also said that membership of the Privy Council should be time limited. I could say much more but time doesn't permit.

bewick said...

A PS. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. The HoL has been changed since 1706 and mainly to advantage. 1958 changed that and we now have Lord Archer, a criminal, still a member; we have Kathy Ashton a member and elevated to "Foreign Secretary" of the EU with no experience, never elected to anything, and purely because of her work for the Labour Party; we have baroness Uddin.an expenses cheat, never elected to anything and with doubtful experience of anything except being a party supporter; Liberal Jenny Tonge who is a fruitcake. Thank the Lord she was never my GP!; MANY others. Change is required but not the way now proposed.

bryboy said...

As usual we are in accord. I always welcome your input Bewick because we speak the same language. We both know that some reforms of the House of Lords are probably desirable. I am however concerned about the way the modern Political Class will change the House of Lords. I would not trust Clegg to walk my dog across the road. His reforms are purely political and thank you very much I will retain my trust in a tried and tested system. Always value your input.

bewick said...

I wouldn't trust Clegg to pick up the excrement! I would much less trust him with my dog (not that I have one now)