Sunday, 1 July 2012

Did anyone know this?

One of the many joys of having a blogging voice is discovering the truth when the mainstream media are trying to cover it up! When people who are protesting against the banks and the politicians are denied the oxygen of publicity then their campaign falls flat.

This is the reason that so much news is controlled and neutered. For example how many people know that a protest in May in Germany gained the support of the police? Can anyone imagine the police in the UK taking off their protective helmets and marching in front of protesters to confront a Rothschild Bank?

You don't think it could happen? Well unlike the dumbed down youth/police of this country it is happening in other countries. We must remember that the only country in the EU not embarrassed by the EU bail out system is Germany. Unfortunately their citizens are having to pay for the profligacy of the other countries!

So fast rewind to the 19th May in Frankfurt am Main, a city in Germany. A demonstration occurs and the demonstrators march on a central Rothschild bank. They are policed but suddenly the police join the demonstrators. They remove their headgear and lead them towards their target and it is not reported. I had to seek this out for confirmation but if you want to witness this extraordinary event then here it is.

The people are unhappy. They are discontent but they lack leaders, they lack direction and often they lack courage. In the UK we don't expect the police to join the demonstration.  We expect to get what Ian Tomlinson got. Our police do not have any sympathy for protesters. They are the heirs to the Gestapo/Stasi but the difference is that they demand a risk assessment before they do their jobs.

That is why and how the riots of last summer occurred. The authorities cowered into the background hiding behind their risk assessments. Until we begin to demand a code of conduct from our emergency services (and that includes nurses) then we will continue to be unprotected.

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