Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why is London Deserted?

I cannot believe the news flashes which for three days now are showing almost deserted streets at the height of the tourist season. In comparison to normal it is like a ghost town. I have been predicting for months now that I would not go near London during the Olympic Games.

I do realise that a huge army of Civil Servants were advised to work from home whenever possible and many others who work in the city probably thought it advisable to steer clear during the Olympics.  That still does not explain the lack of foreigners. After all figures like a million extra visitors a day were quoted prior to the event.

So one has to speculate that the cock eyed ticket selling system has deterred people but surely there has to be more to it than that? I mean London is all but deserted according to the news reports. You don't suppose that the sight of Surface to Air missiles being mounted on the roofs of private dwellings had an impact?

Then we had the dangerous incompetence of G4S to recruit anywhere near the number of security personnel required. If a venue needs quite so many members of security one has to assume that they are expecting trouble. The whole world saw how easy it was to blow up the underground transport system. The whole world also knows that in and around London are many thousands of people who could have a grudge against western Christian based society.

We, in this country, have been almost brainwashed to accept the influx of incomers rewarded by our mass immigration policy which could be stopped at a stroke but continues unabated. It does not take a genius to work out that life in the UK could be described as precarious.  Then of course we have had marches and riots and huge fires caused by rioters which caused Australian friends of mine to react in horror!

All of this impacts on our reputation. We have to accept that standards of social behaviour have dipped dangerously in this country but those observing us from afar do not need it. It is probably too early to be sure but if this continues then we will know that the rest of the world has rejected the British way of life and I would not blame them!

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