Monday, 23 July 2012

Syria...the rebels are suddenly fighting like the SAS!

I cannot believe that in the space of a couple of weeks the rebels have gone from a rag, tag, bunch of ill equipped civilians to a force capable of pushing back a well armed, well motivated government force. It was the same in Libya. The rebel forces have suddenly swung a battle and are knocking out government tanks willy nilly!

It is my contention that they were so out gunned and so out manoevered that it would be impossible for the rebel force to raise its game to the required standard in this relatively short period of time. I would contend that someone is doing their fighting for them.

President Assad has stated more than once that foreign troops are fighting on Syrian soil. The continuing close involvement of William Hague in this matter, which has nothing to do with the UK, makes one wonder if some of these troops are not British.  Assad has also stated that he is prepared to use chemical weapons on foreign troops. Someone is playing a very dangerous game!


Anonymous said...

That's because the SAS (or what we should call them by their real name RA - Rothschild's Assassins) are there and have been for a while.
AlCIAduh are there also, armed by the CIA with use of spy satelites.

In a nutshell, the elite Zionist banking Oligarchy is wiping out all support for Iran in order to leave them surrounded so they can eliminate Israel's last Islamic threat and of course put yet more countries under the falsehoods we are told about democracy which is nothing but control of people through debt slavery.

But the MSM will continue promoting it's for humanitarian reasons.........

Nothing but utter shite to say the least.

Anonymous said...

It's merely a rerun of Libya. It's pathetic.

bryboy said...

Yes it is a rerun of Libya and it is so obvious that it pains me that nobody actually cares! When will the public wake up that we are being run by less than honourable politicians. The mainstream media collude in this charade because they are owned by the people creating it.

Anonymous said...

The public won't.
What sums it up for me is the SAS are working with the very same Islamist terrorist factions responsible for the deaths of their armed force's brethren in Iraq and Afghanistan and no rebellion within the ranks.

They have no loyalty to the British people, whose taxes fund them. They are nothing but mercenary terrorists. I wonder if Joe Public will be cheering them on when they're killing innocent, indigenous (and non) Brits, who have wisened up to reality and are actively trying to warn others of what's really going on? That means people like you and me who expose the corruption within our land and the lies promoted on a daily basis.