Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Endemic Corruption...Is It Everywhere Now?

This morning I watched Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, squirming on the BBC news programme when he was grilled by presenter Charlie Stayt. He gave the impression of a man staring into headlights knowing that his world was about to collapse. He stuttered and stammered and refused to address questions or even profess an opinion. It was the performance of a condemned man, someone who is hiding a lot of information he does not want the public to know. 

Surely the Bank of England could see what was happening with regard to the Barclay's fraud? But then in their own way are they not complicit in a fraud to keep interest rates so low that savers are being penalised? Are they not printing money using the term 'quantitive easing' to ensure that interest rates remain low? Is this not a dangerous practice and a fraudulent deception?

I fear that this lack of integrity by a few politicians and bankers will eventually impact on us all. Our financial industry could be much closer to the brink than most of us know. It will only stop when someone is jailed and made to repay the bonuses that they have earned during the period of malpractice.

The public are angry. We don't need more lengthy, expensive enquiries where the guilty can hide behind a curtain of civility. We want fraudsters in the dock being pilloried by sharp tongued barristers. We want to see them suffer and before this story breaks even further I will bet now that the guilty will include as many politicians as it does bankers. 

Everywhere we look we stumble upon corruption. Last night Channel Four took a murky peep behind the scenes of the Olympics where overinflated prices and dirty accommodation were highlighted. There seems at present a total absence of integrity in modern Britain and that stems from the top.


Kryten said...

Pretty much agreed. Seeing as this has come about at least in part due to deregulation of the financial sector, if I had my way I would also be looking at criminal charges against those politicians who push the deregulation through, for it was they who enabled it to happen in the first place.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Kryten and yes the politicians who set up the deregulation of the financial sector are well known. If my memory serves me right they are the same crew who almost destroyed the economy of the country. One of them wants a 'full independent enquiry' into the failures of the banking industry and another was recently described as a 'muttering idiot'.