Sunday, 29 July 2012

Swathes of Empty Seats!

There is little doubt that now the events have begun the country will get caught up by Olympic fever and once again our heroes and heroines will go for gold. How splendid it would be if they were to compete in front of full houses. One year ago I warned that the alloction of tickets was unfair to the public.

At the time I thought the the system was crass and was favouring corporate bodies and 'privileged' individuals over the public. Far too many tickets were set aside for prize competitions so that the corporate sponsors could make even more money.

It was an exercise in greed which encouraged almost everyone to hike up their prices for the Olympic Games. Personally I hope that they have caught a cold! The losers however will be the competitors who, from what I saw yesterday, were competing in front of swathes of empty seats. How discouraging is that?

These Olympic organisers are very quick to grab the glory when things go well so it is about time that someone appeared and explained the reason that so many tickets were given to corporate sponsors with no guarantee that they would be used.

What can they do now? Well it is difficult to repair the damage but they could at least advertise that tickets are on sale at the door. The problem then would be how to price them because if I had spent a large sum of money and then discovered I was next to someone with a cut price ticket I would not be pleased. 

One year ago I posted that Coe and his cronies had wrong priorities and nothing has changed. They distanced themselves from the public and now despite all the excellent design features and planning it appears that the competitors have been let down.

UPDATE:  Empty seats for Andy Murray! Unbelievable!


SAB said...

Didn't they have to bus loads of school kids in to fill seats in Beijing? I agree about the unfairness of it (if they're sat next to folk that have paid a hefty price) but better to have seats filled. Or advertise discounted tickets to our allied forces (like the USA would).

bryboy said...

There are so many empty spaces that we don't have enough troops to fill them. We could bus in all the kids from the East End (like they did for the Opening Ceremony)but we would still need more. I fear that the public at large are sick of the manipulative Political Class and refuse to be conned any further. Nice to hear from you SAB.

Anonymous said...

Laughable to say the least.
Like all major sporting/social events it's the last eight people want to see. When I say 'people' I am of course speaking of the corporate cronies, glitterati and politicians, who most certainly won't be fans or followers. It's merely a case of 'being seen' and makes me want to vomit.

I don't give a toss about the Olympics. I know it's going to be a case of African in first, second and third place in almost every track event and they have the audacity to call it a competition between nations. LMAO!!!

The Olympics this time around will most certainly become a host for a false flag in order to start a war with Iran. What d'you think the odds are for that down the bookies?

bryboy said...

Yes my anonymous friend I will be so pleased to see these Games end without incident. So many people have predicted a 'false flag' event that I am quite twitchy. Even more so after the 'Denver Shooting' but nobody else seems to be aware that there might be a problem. I really hope that the innocents are right and we 'conspiracy theorists' are left with egg on our faces. Every time that the Royal Family attend an event I am pleased because I don't think that they would slaughter their own. I now take a deep breath.