Monday, 16 July 2012

Is the Government preparing for War over London?

Last Thursday I posted a piece that I entitled  'The Paramilitary Olympics'. To some extent it was tongue in cheek but since then events have taken rather a nasty turn. More and more soldiers and police are being called up to protect the Olympics. There is apparently an aircraft carrier on the Thames and we all know about the Rapier missiles on the tower blocks.

What are they scared of? There is almost a state of panic amidst our emergency services which manifested itself when passengers in a bus were recently treated like terrorists all because a replica cigarette malfunctioned.

In the past 15 years mass immigration has turned Britain from being a safe haven to being a nation constantly under the threat of terrorism. During this time the Home Office has constantly failed to cope with the threat and Home Secretary after Home Secretary have proven to be incompetent. Now we are on the verge of the modern Olympic Games and all the portents suggest that the authorities fear an atrocity. They seem to be preparing for an aerial threat and what concerns me is that so many others are suggesting that something unpalatable is about to happen. Why are they so sure?

Recently this caught my eye and it is scary.  If they genuinely think that London is under threat then surely these Games should be cancelled. Nothing is worth this huge security blanket. How can people enjoy a sporting event when the government are preparing for Armageddon? I will be quite relieved when it is all over and all we have to do is worry about the hidden cost of it all.

Finally if Theresa May is correct then surely Nick Buckles and the board of G4S should face a court of law for lying to the government. I cannot contemplate a disaster but I don't trust our politicians. In the meantime I will head for Scotland to visit my granddaughter with my fingers tightly crossed.


Julian Moss said...

From out here in the sticks I view developments in London with incredulity. Suicide bombers won't worry about being shot down, will they? So if you shoot down a plane over East London, what happens to the wreckage?

Your blog just keeps on getting better. Keep up the good work.

bryboy said...

Great to hear from you Julian. I agree shooting something out of the sky could be worse than letting them land! Of course they might land on the odd politician or banker and we can't have that. Better to waste the East End instead! Keep fighting bro!