Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Sunday Joke ...William Hague!

William Hague is currently appearing on the Andrew Marr Show. Marr has a habit of wheeling out the nation's least favourite politicians with monotonous regularity. This morning he is quizzing William Hague on the European Union particularly now that David Cameron has, once again, vaguely promised a referendum on our membership of this undemocratic, unelected cabal of Socialist politicians who have sytematically wrecked the economies of most of its member states.

Given the facts I was astonished to hear Hague articulate that we should not hold a referendum until we can see the direction in which the EU is going!  Surely by now we all know the direction in which the EU is going. It is going downhill fast, so fast that most member states require huge bailouts just to keep the politicians in power.

How on earth can he and all the other disciples of the people behind the EU continue to pretend that it is not happening? The EU has been a disastrous failure costing hundreds of billions. Not even Hague can sweep that under the carpet. David Cameron is preparing for his divorce from Nick Clegg and so he is trying to conjure up some Tory principles.

Don't be fooled folks! He continues to bluff the public by talk of a referendum. There is absolutely no chance of Cameron holding an in/out referendum on the EU. His bosses, the people who pull his strings, won't allow it until every last brass farthing has been spent trying to prop it up. Once all the money is gone and most western governments cannot even afford pensions then up will pop a politician to suggest that the EU was not a good idea. We must get out before that happens.

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