Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Barack Obama... the Doubts Continue!

It matters little to us this side of the pond but in the States there is a hot topic of debate which concerns the legitimacy of their President Barack Obama to hold the office. Apparently there are claims that he was not born in the States and according to their Constitution that makes him ineligible for the office.

Now can you believe that? This man has proceeded up the various stages of politics and nobody bothered to check that he was eligible for the highest office. I get a constant feed of the trending stories from 'Before It's News' and as I have said before they feature some very odd items which are not carried by the mainstream media. Amongst them however are gold nuggets and this is one of them.

The American establishment is trying to ignore the efforts of a few dedicated investigators who have been beavering away attempting to establish the truth. If they are right then the consequences are staggering. It means that those people who engineered the ascendancy of Barack Obama to the White House have breached the American constitution.

In the States the Constitution is everything. It is the basis for their democracy. If they ignore the Constitution which was designed to stop any attempt to debase democracy then what have they got left? The problem seems to be that the people behind the President are VERY powerful and there are a lot of them. Some people term them the New World Order and frankly I don't think they give a damn for the Constitution.

I really admire the people who are pursuing this investigation. The courage to take on the NWO is astonishing. In the States bodies are littered everywhere of people who have displeased the NWO. Take Barry Jennings who got caught up in 9/11. He only told the truth of his 9/11 experience. He is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need some time to take on the implications of these clips.

I do not have that kind of courage but it is all on Youtube. You just need to search for it. Then you must decide if you believe it. Here in downtown suburban Britain it matters very little but sometimes it is interesting to broaden one's horizon. Happy viewing folks!


Micha Lunt Hooper said...

This is not a new story - just a long drug out one by the extreme right wing who continue to push fearmongering amounst the US citizens - and now also the British ones?? This was long ago put to bed, but feeding on the uninformed is the best way to push political agendas in the USA. is a great site that investigates very things such as this (and coincidentally is quoted by very conservative pundits as accurate). Before questioning what the USA is, let's question why these people continue to pursue these lies.

bryboy said...

Hello Micha, Welcome to my humble home and tks for your input. I followed your link and read the Factcheck report. My only interest in this is that it keeps running! It should be a simple issue and yet the doubts remain. I would think that researchers should be able to prove if Mr and Mrs Barack H Obama lived at 6085 Kalalanianaole Hwy on 04 Aug 1961 and if so then the President is legit! So why all the doubts? It is curious.