Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Do We Need Three More Years of Coalition Warfare?

It was only last Thursday that I speculated on the state of the Coalition. Now Graham Brady the Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee, a group of Tory backbenchers, has also stated that he does not think the the Coalition can survive until 2015. Live on the BBC however the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, stated that he thinks that they will hold on until 2015. I think that he was warning that hell would freeze over before David Cameron would call an election prior to 2015.

This will probably mean that nothing significant will happen before 2015 because everyone will vote each other's proposals down. The only winner will be Ed Miliband but then he has yet to profess an opinion on anything. He is against almost everything but steadfastly refuses to be drawn into what he would do? The problem is that we know what he would do. He would spend money that the country has not got and bankrupt us...end of story.

I cannot think of any other era in the history of this once great country when the political scene has become so convoluted. Every one of our front bench politicians, on every side, is a supporter of the European Union. They all call themelves 'modernisers' and 'progressives' but their stated aim has always been to change the face of the country and they have done it. By and large the public do not like or agree with the changes in our society but what does that matter?

So how do they garner votes? Why do we vote for them? Well it has been done by a con trick. David Cameron only endorses 'modernisers'so that most of the Tory rebels in 'Westmonster' are long standing Conservatives. The new gang follow the party line rigorously. They include Chloe Smith, a so called young Treasury Minister, who was recently savaged by Jeremy Paxman live on Newsnight. They also include my own MP Nicky Morgan who's voting record is not that of a Conservative MP. This is the reason that they are called TINO's (Tories in name only).

The problem in modern Britain is that the public are still hung up on labels. When Nicky Morgan stood as a Conservative nobody bothered to ask her what she really thought. They voted for the label! Until we can find a way of educating the lazy public and ask them to do some research on their MP then this will continue.

I do not know why the 90 odd rebel Tory MPs do not defect to UKIP. It is clear that they cannot support the Coalition but there must be something else which prevents them from leaving their corrupted party.  Could it be money, power or influence? We desperately need right wing leadership in this country to combat modernisation and the EU.

Whatever else in this state of political paralysis only the country will suffer. Unless the PM can find a way of uniting his party and that appears impossible we need an election. This will not solve the problem either because only one third of the electorate bother to turn out regularly and then they vote for a label without bothering to look into the packet! We get what we deserve.


William said...

You miss the point. All politicians know who butters their bread and it isn't the voters.
Scandal after scandal proves that the entire system is corrupt from top to bottom and yet that corrupt system promotes the vote as the only way change can be brought about.

There is no democracy there is simple a party autocracy run by Whitehall on behalf of the EU. Until either of these twin pillars collapses sweeping the corruption away we the people are stuffed.

bryboy said...

You do have a valid point William. No matter which way one views politics we will need a physical revolution to change the system and most people are too comfortable to risk change. I sometimes wonder if the Tory 'rebels' only exist to mask reality. I am getting very sceptical. Tks for your interest.