Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Is the Tory 'Rebellion' Escalating

Douglas Carswell MP
Douglas Carswell MP
I see that 'Conservative Home' one of the leading blogs has named 143 Conservative MPs who have at one time or another rebelled against the Coalition.  At the same time one of the leading rebels, Douglas Carswell, posts that he objects to be termed 'a rebel' as he considers that he is only doing his job holding the Government to account. I note that my local MP, Nicky Morgan, is unsurprisingly not among them.

I have spoken about this before and been taken to task for hoping that there may be some measure of democracy within the walls of Westmonster. There is a strong lobby who reject all politics in this country and sometimes it is difficult not to agree with them. I happen to believe that we need conviction politicians. We need people who are not intimidated by government whips and who will voice public opinion against those who give the impression that they have been bought and paid for by the bankers.

I may be naive but I am heartened that these numbers appear to be rising. When the numbers increase so significantly then surely is it not time to ask the question who is in charge? Is the Coalition actually paralysed and they are all keeping shtum to avoid a General Election?

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