Tuesday, 17 July 2012

G4S is an Omni Shambles!

Today the Chief Executive Officer of G4S was grilled by the House of Commons Select Committee on his non performance. Clearly he is a joke! He is a not very funny joke because this company was relied upon to ensure the security of the 2012 Olympics. My question is why this particular company, which clearly is a cowboy outfit, was trusted to such an important event?

I cannot believe the ethos of this particular company. They rely heavily on a migrant force. The television crews are circling around people who are desperate for jobs! This company relies on a low level of expertise. Their staff clearly have no great skill and yet they were granted the contract for security for the LONDON OLYMPICS! We are sacking police and soldiers by many thousands and then we are granting a contract worth 57 million pounds to a cowboy outfit who cannot meet the terms of their contract.

It emphasises the complete farce that LOCOG has made of our Olympic Games. I believe that the corruption which has pervaded our politics and our banking system was allowed to invade the Olympic Games. We now face the accusation that London has been the cross on which the Olympics floundered.  When the London Olympics were awarded to this city then security was surely paramount? It should never have been handed to a cowboy private company. It should have been purely a government concern. So...how much money changed hands Lord Coe?

So many people have tried so hard to be ready for the London Olympics. We have so many people ready to win medals for the UK. There were so many people with goodwill carrying the torch through so many towns and villages cheered on by their friends and family. This is how the UK public want the Games to happen.

Our politicians however tried to turn this high profile event into political advantage. They have ruined this spectacle because the same people who have ruined the country were in charge of the Olympics.

Step forward McDonalds, Coca Cola and the other international corporatocracies  who control everything. They have manipulated the whole event for their profit making empires and they used the name of Seb Coe to ensure their legitimacy.

However, when the starting pistol fires, I will be the first person to roar our guys and girls home. We have so many superb athletes who are ready to perform on their home stage. I just pray that they will all leave safely. The cowboy empire which now want their management fee for failure cannot guarantee that they have employed the right people. It will take just one G4S security cleared person to change our society forever.

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