Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This Result is Hilarious!

Recently in St Ives (Cambridgeshire) a By-Election took place for a seat on the Town Council. The result is here. As you can see only 16.5% of the electorate bothered to vote which probably emphasises the contempt that the public have for The Political Class. Having said that one can assume that those that voted actually took the time to think about who deserved their vote.

That said I am relieved to see that an Independent won the day which is a kick in the teeth for the main parties. Predictably the Conservative party came second and UKIP third. After all these are the shires of England but then we come to the funny bit. 42 people still think that the Labour Party should rule the world; 2 more than voted for Lord Toby Jug of the Raving Monster Loony party!! I think that this truly reflects the mood of the country.

It is further emphasised when Nick Clegg reads that his leadership and his obsessions with gay marriage and Reform of the House of Lords won the support of 26 people. His candidate, John Oliver, surely has more relations and friends than that? Clegg has destroyed this party for personal ambition but no doubt he will stride off into Europe for a lovely well paid sinecure where he can continue to ruin lives.

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