Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Secret Courts in Britain?

Mr Roger Hayes
In March 2011 about 800 people descended on a court in Birkenhead to 'arrest' a judge for not acting in accordance with his sworn oath. The leader of this mini rebellion was Roger Hayes, Chairman of the British Constitution Group, who had been charged with non payment of council tax. Here is a reminder of the attempt to arrest the judge.

Now comes news that is going viral that he has been arrested, charged and jailed in a secret court which seems to have been convened for this one case. Many of the leading bloggers are making this very public because this is Stasi style justice which we have been warning about for some time now.

I personally don't know the details but they can be found here  along with some pertinent questions that need to be addressed. This is justice under Ken Clarke and a political party which purports to represent Conservative thinking in this country.

If this is not addressed in Westmonster then our fears for democracy in this country will have been substantiated. It also opens the door for anyone who protests against governmental actions to be treated similarly.

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