Friday, 27 July 2012

Wanted... an Idiot!

Mitt Romney
Given the unpopularity surrounding the Obama government at the  moment one has to assume that there is a good chance that he won't survive in the office of President after the next election.  Let's face it their economy has nosedived and there appears to be social division everywhere. 

It would take a complete idiot to even force a contest. However, after his public comments about the London Olympics it looks as though they have found one! Mitt Romney seems to have made more gaffes on his initial official visit to this country than is conceivable.  He may have opinions on the Olympics (so have I) but I am not standing for the highest office in his country.

His comments on the Olympics could be regarded as inappropriate but to refer to Ed Miliband as a leader is utterly inexcusable and as such he has probably handed the election back to Obama. The 'powers that be' were probably looking for an idiot to make Barack Obama look good and they sure found one!

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