Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Listen to the People...!

So Barack Obama is losing ground in the United States because, so the media state, he has lost the confidence of the people. Does that not resonate here as well? Hell we had 20 years or so of Tories who didn't listen to the people and that was why we generally voted for someone like Tony Blair.

He sounded so plausible and so eloquent and yet turned out to be exactly what we didn't need... a self serving, manipulated, weak excuse for a human being. He gave away to Gordon Brown (and remember we didn't get a vote on him} who turned out to be a sociopath hell bent on wrecking our economy.

So is is not about time that we got a government that we have actually voted for? Well there a few hundred thousand LibDem voters who didn't vote for a Coalition and there are a few million votes who voted Conservative and once again didn't get what they wanted.

The big question is ...when will we get what we actually vote for? When will the political manifesto be held to account? For example how can David Cameron question our membership of the EU and in the same breath say it makes him 'physically sick'?

Is it not time to question the honesty of our politicians? The whole political problem is encompassed by our membership of the unelected, unaudited, conglomorate of socialist opportunists who squander vast amounts of public money. While politicians like David Cameron support this Union and deny the British public their vote on that Union then they face the charge of political corruption.

Sorry to continually go on but it is so important! Our whole politicial system depends on this EU membership. David Cameron stands up in parliament and wrings his hands about the European Human Rights Laws...he is our Prime Minister and he is telling us all that he has no power to change a lunatic European Human Rights Act!

Listen to the people David or you will get the same response that Barack Obama got in the States. You can only blame the NoLab party for so long and then it is down to you.

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