Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Royal Engagement

I will not go overboard about the announcement today because enough is being said but I did ponder about what faces this young couple. On the surface she sounds like a well grounded young lady from a family outside of the aristocracy. She must have courage to take on the role but what an opportunity she now has to do so much good.

Her former mother in law developed into the role and belatedly realised the power that she wielded. Unfortunately she did not always wield that power to good effect BUT she left a legacy which will always be admired.

William Wales is a young man with immense power but he is also a grounded young man. This couple have tested each other for a long time and have survived the test. They have decided to marry and I now believe that we have discovered a modern marriage that can have an unprecedented effect on modern life.

Already they have outflanked Ed Miliband by endorsing the union of marriage. They are a very modern couple and I believe that they have the potential to change, by example, so much that is wrong with our society.

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