Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Human Rights!

Once again the spectre of Human Rights legislation has reared its ugly head and the establishment are wingeing because a former prisoner has taken the government to task and insisted that convicted prisoners are allowed to vote.

Make no bones about it this person, a murderer, comes across as a human cesspit. He is aggressive, unrepentent and rude. Behind all the lack of human compassion however lies a cunning brain and it probably takes such a man to insist on a principle which most of us find repugnant.

The real problem is of course the legislation imposed upon us by Europe. Human Rights legislation is a lawyer's dream and if our politicians had had the courage to opt out like so many have hinted prior to most recent elections then we would not face the problem. Once again it has taken a human rogue to expose the rotten laws introduced by the European Law Courts.

So you get what you deserve! Until someone seriously challenges the Coalition to allow the population a referendum on the EU then we will continue to fear these ridiculous challenges. If David Cameron feels 'physically sick' about the outcomes emanating from the law that he refuses to remove then he knows what he should do.

As usual however he poses as a Eurosceptic, complains about almost everything and yet steadfastly refuses to take one positive step to remove the source of the problem. The Human Rights Act is a source for evil and should be repealed in this country and if nothing else the murderer John Hirst has demonstrated it.

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Julian said...

Once again I find myself in total agreement with you. In my opinion, anyone who commits murder or any other serious crime does not deserve the same rights as a law abiding citizen in any case.