Monday, 15 November 2010


We have lost so many good soldiers in Afghanistan that it is difficult to envisage any sort of compromise. In my opinion our intervention in that godforsaken country was, as usual, ill judged and ill advised. It is no surprise that when we entered into the conflict Tony Blair was the PM and that awful Jock, John Reid, was his Foreign Secretary.

We always have to support our lads and lasses but this particular war will,in my opinion, be recorded as a useless waste of life. Once again our socialist politicians will be found guilty of a major lack of judgement. Their war is not against the Taliban or even Al Queida...their war is against you and me.

Make no mistake these communists/socialists are all about total power. They want to control everyone and yet their philosophy is disastrous. Their economic policy is unrealistic and time after time they fail in their aims. My grandfather was a far left supporter and so was my father but I guarantee that when faced with the ideology of today's left wing they would realise that their hopes and ambitions have been usurped by political activists!

Please be aware of what is happening because the future of our grandchildren is at stake. Fortunately for all of us, Gordon Brown emerged and even to the uninterested he was such a disaster that we were all alerted. It was even more pronounced when his mentor, Jack Jones, was outed as a Soviet spy. Ouch!

I believe that Gordon blew the whole game. He became a figure of fun and as such destroyed the socialist ideology. Gordon was a gift to the right and they have swallowed it. Gordon destroyed the NoLab philosophy because he was so dreadful. Thank you Gordon, you appeared on Remembrance Day, dishevelleved as usual and a reminder of your pitiful performance.

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